Semenov Sergey Evgenevich

Born on May 12, 1971 in the city of Leningrad.

The love of cooking began to show from early childhood. Already at the age of twelve, he began to dream over his "children's works". When he was barely sixteen he began his career. For six years he worked at ISH, as a pastry chef. Already then the company’s management had placed great hopes on Sergey. He was sent to various culinary contests. According to him, there he learned how to prepare dishes with a professional approach. In 1994, Sergey received an offer to take part in the opening of the new restaurant “1913” in the center of St. Petersburg. So began his career. He studied many books about Russian cuisine, such authors as: K. Avdeeva "The newest cookbook" ed. 1865; E. Molokhovets "A gift to young hostesses" ed.1897g. etc.

And now, for 24 years, the chef of the restaurant “1913 Year” pleases all guests with his delights of Russian and European cuisine.